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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Natural style of life

Neëst is a french company, that offers a great vintage and contemporary home design.
I truly like their selection but what first grabbed my attention, was The Vintage Coffee Mill.

I've been dreaming a long time for mill of that kind. Apart from being absolute beauty it does have a great lifestyle impact.
With such cute coffee mill you could:
  •  Be more ecological – you deliver the power and no electricity is involved
  •  Have tasteful coffee all the time - mill the grains right before making the coffee
  •  Hopefully drink less coffee – if you are above the healthy intake
  •  Touching something nice every day - it is a simple everyday object that could inspire apreciation for natural and not-stressful way of life.
Did I convince you already? :)

I also like the white enamel colander and the set of louches that they offer. They make me think of my grandmother’s kitchen. She was born in 1911 :)

If you do like japanese style I am sure you will appreciate japanese handmade broom. It makes me think of the initial purpose…:)

Wish you nice thoughts

Sweet Bay

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