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Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Moodboard Fantasy Books / Понеделнишко настроение - Фентъзи

The weather is cold, we have rain and mist. The streets are covered with ice and people avoid going out as they afraid to fall or to have car accident. My suggestion for you is to have some nice time with your favorite fantasy movie or even better with a fantasy book.
What we have:
1. Witch fromTheHouseOfMouse - in that shop there is a mouse almost for everyone so checks. It is a lot of fun.
2. Dragon Ring - LeBoudoirNoir - Victorian jewerly and other old fashion finds
3. Print - shashamane - a lot of dreamy and nostalgic fine photography 
4. Dragon Necklace - ArxRosarum - romantic jewerly, modern reading of history

More nice finds from etsy, arranged like mood boards, could be found on star-of-the-east blog.

Повече хубави подаръци от etsy, аранжирани в настроения, можете да намеритe на блога  star-of-the-east.


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